Traveling to a foreign land can be daunting especially if you are planning a vacation entirely on your own. Many things have to be taken into consideration like food availability, visa, travel insurance, currency exchange etc. to ensure a hassle-free travel experience. These things can become quite overwhelming. This post contains important information you need to know before visiting the island of Gods, Bali.

Visa requirement

There is a visa fees of INR 2500 (31.25$) per person which has to be paid in local Indonesian rupee (IDR). Therefore, carry sufficient amount of IDR in cash.

Currency exchange

Carry additional local currency (Indonesian Rupee) of around 125$-250$ to pay for taxi, sim card and visa fees. For further traveling expenses you will need a forex card. A forex card is a pre-loaded card that allows you to access money in a foreign currency. It is beneficial because it locks the exchange rate instantly and this protects from currency rate fluctuations. Always use cash while transacting because card swipe entails additional charges.

The card should be loaded with 1000$. The bank reverts the remaining amount in the card to the savings account. Forex cards are more convenient and inexpensive alternative to the credit card.

Driving license for renting scooter

You can easily rent a two-wheeler with an Indian driving license with just filling a form with a photocopy of your passport and the hotels or homestays often arrange rental scooters for their guests. No need for international DL.

Vegetarian food

Indian food is not available widely however, there is no dearth of vegan cafes in every tourist area of Bali which are a great option for vegetarians. These cafes offer variety of delicious local Indonesian delicacies like smoothie bowls and Nasi goreng. Nevertheless, keep some ready to eat packed instant food with you. Some of our personal favorite vegan restaurants in Bali

Ubud: Zest, Bella by Sage

Seminyak: Tasty vegan, Thali in Bali (Indian restaurant)

Install Gojek application

Gojek is an affordable taxi service provider in Bali just like Uber. They offer bike and car rides for commuting within Bali.


Best time to visit Bali

April to October is the dry season in Bali if you want to enjoy the beaches and best for outdoor activities like island hopping, snorkeling, hiking and surfing. However, the rainfalls are uncertain in the central and north Bali regions of Ubud and Munduk. November to March is the rainy season and therefore an off-tourist season.

Carry medicines

It is important to take a medical box including basic medicines for fever, injury, digestion and motion sickness because the boat rides in island tours can cause nausea.

Local sim card

The sim cards cost around INR 2000 (25$) which come with 10 GB data. It is totally optional to purchase a sim card and you can download offline maps to travel within Bali. Every accommodation offers Wi-Fi connectivity.

Travel Insurance and Covid requirements

Travel insurance is not mandatory for entering Indonesia, but it is compulsory to show vaccination certificate. Tourists must also install and register for the PeduliLindungi application in mobile which is a requirement of the Indonesian government for health declaration. Further updated travel information can be found on Indonesia Travel website.

Trip Budget

Indonesia is a very budget friendly and affordable country. Your total budget can vary depending on the type of accommodation, duration of stay and additional expenses. Therefore, always load forex card with a minimum amount of INR 80,000. A rough estimate for a budget trip would be;

Accomodation (budget)INR 1500-2000 (18.75$-25$)/ day
MealsINR 250-300 (3$-4$)/ person
Transport (rental scooter)INR 500-700 (6.25$-8.75$)/ day
Nusa Penida island ticketsINR 5500-6000 (68$-75$)/ person
Flights from DelhiINR 28,000-30,000(350$-375$)/ person
Visa costINR 2500 (31.25$) /person

These points cover almost all the essential things you need to know before visiting Bali. Go ahead and plan a wonderful trip.