सतपुड़ा के घने जंगल।
 नींद मे डूबे हुए से
 ऊँघते अनमने जंगल।

In your childhood you might have come across this poem about the forests of Satpura. This enchanting forest and a paradise for nature lovers is the best kept secret of Madhya Pradesh, Satpura Tiger reserve. It offers a much-needed detox to the mind and body to those looking to escape the monotony of city life. You can easily spend a weekend or plan a staycation.

Why you should visit Satpura tiger reserve

Satpura tiger reserve has extremely rugged terrain consisting of sandstone peaks,narrow gorges and dense forests. It is situated near river Denwa and very rich in biodiversity. Flora consists of sal,teak,tendu, amla,mahua and bamboo. Wide variety of fauna inhabit this park including big cats, several species of deer, nilgai, wild boar, sloth bear, dholes, and the Indian giant squirrel. Also, hornbills and peafowl are common birds found here. 

Safari booking

Although the park is less frequented unlike its famous counterpart Kanha National Park this makes the forest more alluring. A safari drive through Satpura promises mesmerizing beauty of its diverse wildlife. You can book your seat in jeep safari through the MP government forest department .

However, the seats get reserved quickly during peak winter months. You should make bookings for the seats at least 10-15 days in advance.

Best time to plan your visit

Summer (March-June)

Despite the hot weather there is plenty of opportunity for spotting elusive wildlife species like the giant squirrel and the big cats.

Winter (October-February)

If you want to unwind you can travel during winter when the weather is pleasant. It is also the best time for watching migratory birds.

Monsoon (July-September)

The park remains closed during this season therefore monsoon season is not a good time to visit due to adverse weather conditions.

How to reach


The distance of Madai gate of Satpura from Bhopal is 133 km taking about three hours to reach by road. Nearest city is Hoshangabad which is around 60 km away.


The nearest railway station is Hoshangabad which is well connected by major cities like Indore anad Bhopal. A taxi has to be rented to reach the forest from Hoshangabad.


The nearest airport is at Bhopal (163 km). A cab can be booked afterwards to reach the tiger reserve from Bhopal or alternatively you can take a train to Hoshangabad.