If planned carefully,travel can be far less expensive than people imagine. And to do that in India or anywhere else in the world, one doesn’t have to compromise on the quality of accommodation and itinerary. Here is a list of things I do to travel in a fixed budget during my journeys.

Taking a bus or shared taxi instead of private cab

Taking a bus or shared cab is a great alternative to private taxi especially if traveling solo or as a couple as it significantly reduces expenses. During my trip to Rashil village Lahaul, I went sightseeing in a nearby town in an HRTC bus which only cost me ₹50. And from Keylong to manali I took a shared cab instead of a private and it helped me save a lot.

Keylong to Manali

Having local food

Always look for local vegetarian cuisines and street food as it not only is budget friendly but also is a new experience trying out different flavours.

Volunteer work

There are lots of volunteer work available where one can avail food and accommodation free of cost. I volunteered for bird survey at the beautiful Gandhisagar wildlife sanctuary during which my food and stay were taken care of only traveling expenses had to be incurred by me.

Similarly many hostel chains in India like Zostel and GoStops offer volunteer opportunities at their property for one to two months for free stay and food.

Gandhisagar wildlife sanctuary

Stay in Hostels

Many hostels chains are there all over India for backpackers and couples at very cheap prices with tidy and well maintained shared dorms ranging from only ₹ 400 to ₹ 1000. I stayed in Rashil village Lahaul in a hostel with shared dorm at only ₹ 650.

Exploring by walking

Whenever possible,explore the town or area you are visiting by cycling or walking. Not only is it eco friendly but also gives an opportunity to visit offbeat places which are easily missed by auto or taxi.

Exploring Rashil on foot