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Best vegan restaurants in Bali

Bali has a vibrant cafe culture with many cafes that offer a variety of food and drinks. The cafe culture in Bali is influenced by the island’s unique blend of cultures and traditions. Bali has a lot of vegan food options available. Some of the best vegan foods to try in Bali are Gado gado, Nasi …


Places to visit in Ubud

Visiting Bali is undoubtedly a once in a lifetime experience. The island of Gods is incredibly diverse and has something to offer for every kind of traveler. Situated in central Bali Ubud is a perfect destination to unwind and to learn about the culture of Balinese people. It is blessed with nature’s bounty ranging from …


Things to do in Gili Islands

Whenever someone thinks about an exotic tropical destination, places like Maldives and Mauritius come to mind. But there is a beautiful beach paradise in Indonesia with white beaches surrounded by azure seas where you can travel in a budget. This paradise is the Gilis which are a group of small Islands situated near Lombok, ideal …

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Things to know before visiting Bali

Traveling to a foreign land can be daunting especially if you are planning a vacation entirely on your own. Many things have to be taken into consideration like food availability, visa, travel insurance, currency exchange etc. to ensure a hassle-free travel experience. These things can become quite overwhelming. This post contains important information you need …


Nusa Penida Island tour

You must have seen pictures of the instagram famous Nusa Penida island situated near Bali which is known for its incredible limestone cliffs and breathtaking ocean views. Some major attractions of this island are the picturesque Kelingking beach, diamond and broken beach. Scuba diving with manta rays is another popular activity to do on this …

How to spend a week in Bhutan
Asia Bhutan

Travel Bhutan from India: One-week itinerary

Welcome to the beautiful eastern Himalayan country of Bhutan which still preserves its rich culture and traditions and has not let modernization overshadow its heritage. A nation, which believes in happiness instead of economic prosperity. This is evident from the friendliness and warm heartedness of its locals. Because of its unspoiled beauty, it has been …