Bali has a vibrant cafe culture with many cafes that offer a variety of food and drinks. The cafe culture in Bali is influenced by the island’s unique blend of cultures and traditions. Bali has a lot of vegan food options available. Some of the best vegan foods to try in Bali are Gado gado, Nasi goreng (without egg), Tempeh satay, Vegetable curry, Sambal matah, Pisang Goreng and Klepon. Find out more about the best vegan restaurants in Bali recommended by us.

Zest Ubud

Situated near the Ubud main market, Zest is a popular cafe in Ubud, Bali that offers a variety of food and drinks. Zest has beautiful interiors and a great vibe along with wide variety of vegan food options.

Best vegan cafes in Bali

Bella by Sage, Ubud

Bella by Sage is another excellent option for vegans and is situated at a walking distance from the Zest. It offers wide variety of mouthwatering vegan cuisines that you cannot resist.

Best vegan cafes in Bali

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Prima Warung

Prima Warung is another one among the best vegan restaurants in Bali. It is a small vegan restaurant near the Bramhkumaris meditation centre in Ubud offering delicious, inexpensive Balinese dishes without any onion or garlic. 

Tasty vegan, Seminyak

Although not as popular as some of the other popular vegan cafes in seminyak Tasty Vegan is a beautiful little vegan cafe. It serves a wide range of scrumptious vegan dishes that also at very affordable prices. It has a lush green outdoor sitting area in their garden premises. Pumkin soup, smoothie bowl, Nasi Goreng are some of the best dishes.

TIP: You can also use the website HAPPY COW which gives information about all the vegan restaurants near your area along with their ratings, reviews by other users and pictures.

Namaskar Thali in Bali, Seminyak

Thali in Bali is an Indian restaurant in Seminyak offering delicious homemade Indian thali. If you want a fulfilling Indian meal in south Bali and don’t like to experiment with food this is the right place for you.